Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ten Months in the Philippines - A Picture Summary #1

I've been back in Australia for three weeks now, and of course there's some debriefing and processing going on. I'm incredibly happy to be back and looking forward to what God has for my future, but you can't spend ten months in a country without it affecting you in some way.

As part of this debriefing process, I have put together this little picture blog to capture my time at Ruel Foundation in 2014. During my time there I took thousands of photos of other people, so it was good to be able to get out from behind the lens on occasions.

In the schoolroom (three of the kids in this pic were adopted this year)

With Little Miss J, Little Miss S and Little Miss R at McDonalds

Celebrating Miss P's 9th birthday

With soccer balls sent by our Australian friend Fiona

Christmas trees up and about in September

Grabbing the spoils of a pinata

Celebrating my 33rd birthday at McDonald's, thanks to a generous donation from our friend Fiona 

About to try and catch two soccer balls at once

Enjoying the novelty of owning my own tricycle

Enjoying our brand new bamboo hut

In "intense soccer coach" mode. I did enjoy the day.

With two of my favourites, Miss R and Mr B. They were both recipients of cleft lip/palate operations

Enjoying an ice cream at the mall

Most of the kids were excited to be watching the movie 'Frozen', but it was all to much for Mr B 

A special time with these three siblings before they joined their adoptive parents in Spain, back in August

Saying goodbye to our new friend, Ate Sarah Tibben.

Enjoying some presents from our friend Ate Irene Bilson from Portland, Australia

Last special outing with four of the little guys

Enjoying some presents from our friend Linda and the children from Melbourne Praise Centre

Little Miss S enjoying her birthday cake (all over her face)

Shenanigans in the school room

I was privileged to provide United Evangelical Church with this basketball ring and paved surface

With some proud-as-punch kids showing off their soccer medals

Last outing with the lads

Enjoying some gifts sent by our friends Rita and Mick Handreck from Portland, Australia

With some of my soccer team

Last outing with the little ladies

Celebrating Miss R's 11th birthday with our new friend Ate Bridget

Trying to get little people to look at the camera is a fruitless endeavour

Mr J was always good for a wacky photo
Baby Girl C

Baby Girl D (returned to her family)

Little Miss L

Mr J

Miss R

Miss M


Miss J

Mr B (returned to his family)

Baby J

Little Miss R

Baby Girl J (returned to her family)

Mr J (adopted to Canada)

Little Miss S

Mr P

Little Mr C

Miss P (adopted to Spain)

Miss R

Little Mr MM

Little Mr J

Mr W

Miss N

Baby Girl J

Little Mr S

Little Mr A (adopted to Finland)

Little Mr I

Mr J

Little Miss J

Mr J

Little Mr R (adopted to the US)

Miss P

Little Mr E

Mr F (adopted to Spain)

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