Friday, October 25, 2013

Compassion Sponsorship Is About Relationship

Relationships have never come easy for me. I'm an introverted lone ranger and I'm not social. I just don't like to talk. The relationships I have formed through my involvement with Compassion International have transcended borders, oceans, cultures and language. We have been united by the Love of God, pure and simple. 

I've been stretched and challenged way beyond my comfort zone in terms of my relational and conversational skills. Many encounters were awkward, silent and uncomfortable, but in the end, all that mattered was I was THERE with them.

I wanted to show them that as much as they mattered to me, which I proved by travelling long distances and sacrificing to be there and enter their world, they matter to God SO much more. I am praying that our time together, however brief, plants a seed of faith and hope in their heart, and they know that God loves them. That's all that matters.

Every person here is part of God's family and, by extension, my Compassion family

Antonio, Nicaragua

With the rockin' teens of BR-329, Brazil

Allison's Project in Mexico

With the class of Larissa, BR-329

With a bunch of dancers on my birthday, October 1, 2013

Allison and family, Mexico

With my Brazilian kids and family members, October 1, 2012

Pamella and her godparents, Brazil

Kids of BR-110, September 2013

Alice, mother and grandmother, Brazil

Larissa and family, Brazil, 2012

Monalisa and family, 2012

Alynne and family, 2012

Crazy teens, BR-329, 2012

Popular with the girls, BR-329, 2012

Kids of BR458, 2012

Christian and family, Brazil, 2012

Kids of BR-458, 2013

Ana Cristina and some of her family, Brazil, 2013

Jessica and family, Brazil, 2013

Kids of BR458, 2013

Carolina and her mother, DR, 2013

Clovencia and family, Haiti, 2013

Kids of HA-702, 2013

Cristina and family, Peru, 2013

Daila and family, Colombia 2009

Danna and extended family, Mexico

The music team from Danna's church, 3 of whom are former sponsored kids

Random soccer dudes we met at a park near Danna's house

LDP students and graduates of Fortaleza, Brazil

Jacqueline and her parents (Ecuador)

Jacqueline and family

Jasmiel and family (sponsored child of Australians Brian and Lisa Crawford)

Project staff of BR-453

Josefa and family (Guatemala)

Josefa and extended family

Kids of NI-152

Julissa and her parents (Nicaragua)

Project staff of NI-152

Kids of NI-152

Katherine and family (El Salvador)

Kelle and family (Nicaragua)

Laura and Project staff of CO-335

Laura and family (Colombia)

Olga and family (Mexico)

Child-Sponsor Fun Day in the Phlippines

With LDP students in the Philippines

With Mums and Bubs from a Child Survival Program in the Philippines

With kids from ES-718 (El Salvador)

With Yeymi and extended family (Guatemala)