Monday, October 6, 2014

David in the Philippines - Highlights from Month #8 (September)

The 3 schoolkids (yes, that's right, 3 ) joined me on a trip to the Recycling Depot, better known over here as the "Junk Shop." All that cardboard earned us the princely sum of 24 pesos, or about 60 cents. We also went to the bank and then an ice creamy treat from MacDo. On the way to the bank we saw a man asleep in a doorway and of course we pointed and said out loud "Hey look at that guy!"
I am enjoying the last few hours of peace and quiet before this bundle of life and energy returns to make life interesting once again. She's been on a special holiday for three weeks, staying with a family in the US.
Dear Filipino schoolkids, if you insist on standing on the ROAD, when a tricycle comes along (ie me) instead of staring, how 'bout ya move out the way? Sound good? Thanks a bunch
Ah, it's amazing what two weeks of solid (and cheap!) weights and swim sessions does for your mind, body and soul. Well, I use the word "swim" loosely, although even 40 laps of turtle-speed breaststroke does the trick. Now I don't have to feel quite as bad about all those San Migs I drink when watching the footy on TV.

Body image is a crazy thing. In Australia, people go to great lengths to get tanned. In the Philippines, the shelves are stocked with "whitening" products. So I guess I, with my ghost-white guns, must be an example of physical perfection then, yes? All natural, no product required
That's it, time to get out of this country! I just heard my first Christmas song at the local mall - in September!

I was in the gym today, doing my crunches, curls, reps etc. when two young guys came in, sat down by the punching bag and one started giving the other a haircut. Now there's something you don't see at your local YMCA. Nice one Philippines

Just in case you thought I was joking about the Christmas thing...God help me! They seem to have gotten their "-ber" months mixed up.
I just went for a swim at a local pool, and among the long list of "No's" on the pool rules was "No whining". Yes, only joy and happiness allowed at our resort...or else!

Introducing our two local lawn mowers. Not long ago, this piece of land across the road from Ruel resembled a jungle or a forest. Get a couple of munchers in there, problem solved!

One of my favourite photos from this year. We were all upstairs watching Frozen and most of the kids were running around excited and crazy, but Mr B showed what he really thought of it all by falling asleep.

There must be a horrible predator creeping around my house. Today I went out the back to do my washing and I found the bottom half of a rat and the bottom half of a lizard, with no top half to be seen! (I'll spare you the photos). I may have a sleepless night ahead of me.

Today I celebrated my birthday (a few days early) with 16 of the Ruel kids at MacDo. Party hats and Happy Meal toys for all! Thanks for the generous donation Fiona Piccinato

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