Monday, February 22, 2016

Compassion Letter Writing #8: From A Parent's Perspective

When you sponsor a child with Compassion, the benefits impact the entire family. There is a flow-on effect to the parents and extended family members as well. Sometimes, if the child is young and cannot write themselves, the letters are written by the parents. I have found this to be a really helpful window into the true impact of sponsorship.

I send you a hug and a kiss. Receive greetings from my parents and little siblings. I thank you for all the things you do for me. May God multiply blessings upon you!

Receive warm greetings from my parents, they are very grateful with you for all your support given to me.

I love you very much. Receive lots of greetings from my mother. She thanks God I have a sponsor.

M and her parents were very much glad to hear about that you have accepted her as your sponsor child. So they are extremely happy for this and also wishes you many many thanks for your kind support.

Thanks a lot for choosing me. My mother is so glad of my sponsorship.

I thank the Lord each day for having you in my life. My mom says hi.

I want to tell you that I am very happy to be able to greet you. I am the father of J. I’m very thankful that you are the sponsor of my child. She also says she is very happy.

She tells you that her parents accept Jesus as their Saviour and get baptized.

T’s father doesn’t live with her
, but her mother wants to thank you for you sponsor her, and with faith in God He will bless you more and more.

Your gifts and helps are great strength for V’s mother. His family thanked you for this. V’s mother says that the prayers and favours you give him is a great strength for his life.  And the prayers you offer to God is a blessing.

The love you show V is marvellous. His parents are wondering why you are so close to him.
The prayers you offer for him is a great courage for him.

Thank you for being there for my son JD. As a payback, I would encourage him to study hard, and assure you for all efforts you give to my son would not be nothing. I shouldn’t give up everything now that I know you’re there to inspire him. I will do my best to make all of you proud to my son

Thanks a lot for everything you did for me and my son. God is always there to help us in so many ways and I am very thankful for that. I am proud of your great kindness.

Good day my wonderful sponsor of JD. You’re so great. Imagine 45 children you’ve sponsored including my son JD. I am very much happy looking at the photos from different nationalities, you have selected children from 25 countries including JD here in the Philippines.

Hello! Once again, good day to you, great sponsor of my child JD. Oh! It is a great thing to hear from you that you have sponsored almost 50 children from 27 countries. You spend much money to the child you’ve sponsored than to yourselves. Oh! It’s a wonderful thing I believe.

At the project, when we received your letter and saw we were very much surprised to know that you are sponsoring 36 children from 26 countries. As soon as we received your letter and photos I asked M to call her father and mother to the project very next day. Her parents had been with her to the project and shown your letter and photos and read them and translated to them. They were listening carefully and were very glad. Having heard and learned that you are sponsoring 36 children, M jumped with joy. We as the staff of the project, M and her parents all joined together and thank God and praise Him.

Thank you for sponsoring my nice daughter. Thanks to God for your life and your family. My daughter is happy to know that somewhere in the world there is a person concerned about her.

My parents were so happy to read your letter. They said “Please support our daughter to be protected in the Lord’s hand.”

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