Monday, February 22, 2016

Compassion Letter Writing #7: The Impact of the Compassion Projects

Compassion Projects are my favourite places in the world. Full of life, hope, laughter, fun and safety. It is the safe space for children in poverty-stricken communities which are often dangerous and violent. After walking the streets of many developing countries I was always struck by the absolute contrast between the atmosphere and environment in the communities compared to behind the walls of the Projects (local churches). The kids have a genuine opportunity to dream of a positive future.

As well as seeing the Projects in action, the letters I have received from my sponsored kids have given a pretty clear indication of the positive benefits they have received.

I loved the Christmas party in Compassion. I received 3 shorts, 1 t-shirt and turban. I am so happy that I received my favourite t-shirt (Dec 24, 2012). We had a party from Compassion. I received soft drink, bread and chicken.

J is thankful to you for allowing her to attend the Project, where she colours and draws using nice coloured pencils.

At the student center she enjoys happiness

I like to follow the activities in the Project, singing, listening stories for the staffs and to have many friends.

Also she thanks you for the Christmas gift she got at the Project. With the money you sent, she got an outfit of pair of pants, blouse, underwear, and she is happy.

I want you to know that I am very happy with the money gift you sent me, and I thank you very much for this. With that money bought me an outfit of slacks and blouse and underwear.

She is very grateful with you for the present you sent her. With that money they bought her a beautiful outfit and underwear.

I can tell you that my project teacher teaches me how to pray for you, so you will receive many blessings from God.

He attends the Project and they learn a lot of things like personal hygiene and memory verse.

Up to now this Project is very helpful to me because it has been providing me with learning facilities like books.

Here in our center I learned more about God that God created me with a wonderful nose who helps me to breathe and smell. God loves me and God loves you too!

I celebrated happily with my friends and received new clothes and cake through the Project.

Our project providing hygienic food for us. Our project conducted special classes in spoken English and maths to the higher classes. Our project conducted special program “AWANA” based on Bible stories and games.

I come to Compassion project for spiritual growth.

Our project implemented curricular activities daily. Spiritual, physical, cognitive and social activities are most useful to us. Our project introduced “child banking”. I opened an account and saving money. This is very good for my future. Our project providing nice food, treating me good. I enjoying at project.

I regularly attend the project activity; I’ve got the love and warmth from all project teachers.

Thank you for the support you have been providing through the project. I am supplied with bars of soap, hair oil in bottle, pencils and exercise books.

Compassion supports him through many aspects of life; he is issued with almost all his school materials, clothing and he is fed on food whenever he comes to the Center on Saturdays.

K is thankful to God because He is good and because of his mercy in the blessing of being in this Project.

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