Monday, February 22, 2016

Compassion Letter Writing #6: Special and Chosen

After going through the letters from my sponsored kids, several common themes seemed to emerge. Two of those themes are "special" and "chosen."

* As sponsors, we are special to our sponsored kids. They also need to know that they are special, valuable and worthy, uniquely created by God, in order to combat the lies of poverty that they hear every day.

* There is a definite awareness among sponsored kids that they have been chosen, and for various reasons they often struggle to comprehend why. This is no small thing, particularly if they or others close to them have been waiting a long time for a sponsor. In the letters I have often been asked questions along the lines of "What made you choose me?"

On behalf of J we thank you for choosing her as your sponsored child. God will reward you for your gesture.

Thank you for being my sponsor. I love you very much and. I want to thank you for choosing me.

I thank you for having chosen me for sponsorship because you made me so happy when I found that I have new friends.

I really thank you and your family to choose me and to share your blessing to me and your other sponsored children like me.

I’m so glad to know you chose me as sponsored daughter. I really wanted to have a sponsor just like my friends.

K is grateful to you for choosing to be a friend to him. He takes this opportunity to say thank you, and is so happy he has a new friend.

It has been great to get to know you and have you as my sponsor. Thank you very much because among many people you have chosen me.

I’m very happy you chose me, I hope we become good friends.

I’m very glad you are my sponsor. Thank you for choosing me among so many children. I say good-bye with much love and a big hug.

I thank you for choosing me among so many children, and I thank you for your support.

Thanks for sponsoring me and for choosing me among so many children. When will I be able to meet you?

You are very special to me.

David you are special to me.

Thanks for being so special toward me.

You are very special to me. How many sponsored children do you help? I know God will reward your generosity.

The child is very happy to know that someone very special is sponsoring him. The child says that even though he doesn’t know you, he loves you so much. He says goodbye with much love and a kiss.

You are very special to me, I am very proud of you. I love you and I love you, I love to think about your family.

C was thankful to you because you consider her as your child, not only a child but you make her special.

You are special, and we pray for you to be fine and happy. MA is very happy to have you as her sponsor and said that she loves you.

I also want to tell you that you are beautiful and special to me and my family.

We are teaching J that you are a very special person for her.

You are so special to me, you are a valuable person and your letters make me happy. I thank God for having a great sponsor, you are a nice friend and I pray for you. I thank you so much for all your help and your love.

I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH and I am very grateful to God for giving me such a good sponsor who cares about me. You are very special for me and you keep a special place in my heart.

You know, we have been talking to God about you. We say that you are very special and you deserve to be blessed by Him.

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