Monday, February 22, 2016

Compassion Letter Writing #5: Struggles and Hard Stuff

As a Compassion sponsor, I made the decision to invest in the relationships with my sponsored kids and their families by making a conscious effort to write them at least monthly and also visiting their homes and communities. I realize the second thing is not possible for everyone, but everyone can write regularly. And trust me, it is worth the effort.

I found that the more I wrote about my life and took an interest in them, my sponsored kids trusted me more and I started getting some incredibly honest and often heartbreaking letters. Far from being the generic template that some sponsors complain about (and I've had my fair share), these kids were opening up and trusting me with the hard stuff in their lives, which is a privilege I don't take for granted.

I'd like to share some here. (no names have been used to protect identities).

Last October 15-16 was our scouting at our school but unfortunately I didn’t join because I couldn’t afford to buy a girls scout uniform.

Ten years passed since our little house was built but until now it is not yet finished because my parents earnings are just enough for our everyday food.

I only celebrate my birthday with my family. But no party at all because my parents could not afford it.

My Dad has been very sick with much bones pain, and he suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. We have been going through hard time because of my aunt’s death.

Please pray for me and my dad who is at the hospital, he is grave.

We do not have the necessary things we would need to build a house that has all the things we need. I want to tell you that we do not have access to basic services. We get water from a well but during summer it dries. On weekends I enjoy washing my clothes in a small brook.

I am fine now, thanks to God. I was some days sad and far from the project because my uncle had died, but now I’m back.

Thank God, now we are okay. After some bad people killed my uncle we had to move and we a bad time and I had to leave my school and I lost my school year but now everything is back to normal.

I am worried about my Dad’s life because he is alcoholic.

Life is not very happy here because there is a lot of crime, child abuse and in Guatemala life is very hard, because we work in the field and as the sun is very strong, then we get sick. After that we see the hard work fruit and of the time we spent at work.

I contribute to the family budget because my father drinks; so I ask you to pray for him so that he changes some day and we may be a happy family.

C shared to me about the worries in her life when I asked her, and she said that she is worried about the situation of her father, because her father encountered a big trials. She is sad also because her grandmother passed away through her illness. But C said God has a purpose for everything why it was happened.

Her family is so poor. Her Dad is a day labourer and can’t eat good food most of the time.

Her father become sick often, for that her family is in bad condition.

Her father is poor. Her father works as a day-labour and her mother cooks in house. They have no own house. They stay on a hill. They suffer much to collect water.

Pray for my friends so that they don’t become gang members. There are adolescents who get pregnant at early age because they don’t have anyone to give them a piece of advice or a mother whom they can trust. Please pray for my friends so that they don’t make the mistake to get pregnant without getting married or having a profession.

Her father is a daily labour. How much he earn that is not enough to provide the family needs. But now by your sponsorship they could access all the things as a normal human being.

I live in Indonesia. It is hard to get food here because it is very expensive. Electricity just entered the village and was lighted on July 17th. We do not have water flow to village yet. We take water from the spring.

No, I do not have any special doll (toy). Actually I want to play doll, but I do not have even only one.

My parents never gave me advice to go to school because my parents do not go to school, so they never gave me advice. I also always thought to go to school, but my parents do not have school fund, so I cannot be at school. But now, because of the spirit of God that has moved your heart so I can attend school at the project.

Life in El Salvador is more difficult every day and it is difficult to find a job and there is much violence.

I want you to know that my granny passed away and that made me a little sad, but I am surpassing it.

My family and I are going through a difficult time, because my Dad and mom will break up. We are moving to another house.

I am better than the other days because my parents did to fight and now I think we are a very happy family thanks to God and to all your prayers.

My cousin bothers my little sister. She is only 5 years old. He is violent. One day he fought me with a stick, but I forgave him because he is like my brother

Everything is fine in my house although sometimes my aunt and uncle fight a lot, but I beg God to protect all those that I love very much from all evil.

Life in Bolivia is dangerous, there is not security and there are many crimes.

Some time ago the mum of my friend died and she was very sad. Now she is getting better, I help her so she does not think of it. She is my best friend and I am sorry she does not have her mum any more. She feels alone. I just pray to God to keep close to her.

I want to tell you that I fell off my bike with my friend. She fell on me and I fractured my arm. I was taken to the doctor and he put me in a cast. I know the Lord will heal me so we must pray.

He says he is not living with his father
so he beg you to pray so that he can see his mother in good life.

I’m afraid that I will fail. I don’t want to go anywhere, I just want to stay with my parents.

Living in the Philippines is quite easy for others. For us, not so quite because of our lifestyle, financially hard up. We don’t have any home, we board only to others, at least complete with running water, electricity and toilet.

He told me that if he grow older, what will happen to us parents? Aren't we getting older too? I explained him gradually the true situation being people in this world. I think with this things in his life he’s worried. JD says he never leave away his parents, especially I his mother. He loves me very much, he doesn’t want to go away from their parents.

My mom left the family, and I would like you to pray she comes back

I want to tell you that I am afraid of scorpions even though they never bit me. They come into the shoes and holes in the walls.

Please pray for the lives of my parents because they have many problems as a couple and it makes me feel sad.

Hello with all my love!! You met Pastor Miguelito. He passed away last February. We are very sad because he loved children very much, and we loved him.

I am feeling jealous when I lost my class position and I will have to struggle my best to recover it but it is not good because of the God’s Commandment.

B is serious in his work as well as school’s work. He doesn’t play with his homework. Because of his age and his class, people start to laugh or make fun of him but he is working hard in school. As it is said, he did not start school early and for that he is older than the rest of the class.

Here in the Philippines last February 6, 2012, we had an earthquakes that caused so many damages and also many people died because of landslide and some houses were destroyed, but in spite of that I thank God because we are all still survive behind the tragedy.

After you left my grandmother passed away and I am very sad. I had to travel to the place where she lived in Maranhao. My mother and I travelled to there but when we arrived there she had already been buried and we could not see her. It was very sad.

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