Monday, February 22, 2016

Compassion Letter Writing #2: The True Impact of a Sponsor

On the surface, what we do, and give, as Compassion sponsors may not seem like much. It may seem like a pretty simple, insignificant thing. $12 a week, the occasional letter. Doing our little bit to make the world a better place, right?

I'm here to tell you different. What I have received in nearly ten years worth of letters from my Compassion kids tells me that we can never underestimate how important we are to them. I have been repeatedly blown away by pages dripping with love and gratitude. What seems so little for us means so much to them.

As you read the following sentiments, I want to make it clear that by publishing them I am not intending to show off or boast about what an amazing sponsor I am. It is incredibly humbling that they would think like this, and I thank God that He is using me in their lives. These words are how every child feels about their sponsor, I have just been blessed that my kids have expressed them to me
. I hope you get a sense of the true impact we as sponsors make, and are inspired to sponsor more or write more.

I feel very excited to write you again, and tell you that I’m proud that you be my sponsor. I loved your letters and your pictures. It’s amazing what you do for us, and I say “we” because all the children who appear in the picture are your children. Sponsor, my classmates were amazed to watch every one of those children. Thanks. I don’t know how to pay you for all what you do for us. I send you a nice drawing that I drew especially for you.

Do you know something incredible? You are a hero for J, she would like to be like you when she grows up – a great professional. She wants to work with children, and the same as you, to be mature spiritually in faith. J wants that you never get apart from Jesus. J would like to be like you because you follow Jesus Christ’s footprints.

At the project I have a very good teacher, and she said that you are an angel sent by God to me.
I agree with her, for me and for all the kids.

My family and I are happy and okay for your valuable support. You have given me the chance to succeed.

You are a blessing for me and you are an angel.
God’s glory shines like the sun in you.

I remember your nieces and nephews as if they were my own family, and I love them like my siblings because I feel that they are a part of my family now.

For M, you are a great gift that God has put in her life

You bring me joy and I like you so much.

She is also thankful to God because God give you to her as an instrument and guided her as she grow.

I am very proud of you, every day I thank God for putting you on my way and because you have been a blessing for me and my family.

I love you very much, and I’m very proud of you because you help many children like me and you make them smile each day. May God guide your path forever!

I thank you so much, because if it is not you, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I thank God for joining me together with you and be with you forever

Thank you very much for sponsoring me. It is such an honour to be sponsored by a person like you.

I want to thank you for sponsoring me. You are a blessing from God to me. I want to tell you that.

I’m happy for you because you are very important to my life.

I am glad to know that there is someone who loves me so much.

You are very intelligent, you play many musical instruments and you also know how to sing and I also liked to know that you sponsor several children at my project.

I hope you are fine and I thank God for sponsoring me because God has blessed me so much through you.

I prayed God so you would communicate with me again because you have my love and my trust. I feel proud to have you as my sponsor again.

I love you very much and I know that a lot of people love you also

I am thankful for sponsoring me. I feel so proud of you for your kindness and also for being intelligent.

Only God knows how lucky and happy I am to have you

I feel so proud to have you. God loves the happy giver and it’s great you give your students time.

C said that she was happy because of the blessings that she received from you as well as for sharing those blessings to other children.

C and my family was so thankful to God for giving you to us. I am very happy and thankful to God because you are so kind and spending your time to me. Thank you also for sharing your life to me as the instrument of God.

At home, we all think about you and you’re always in our thoughts and hearts.

You’re so blessed, you are so lucky, multi-talented kind of person. I know that all of this is a gift of God.

You are so lovely because you like helping others. Receive hugs and kisses from me and my family.

All of my siblings and I are very lucky that God never forsakes us and God always gives us His love through you. You’re lovely. I believe that God is very lovely too.

It’s good to know that you like to help people and kids and may God bless you more and more.

She thanks you for the love and tenderness you have for her. She expresses her love for you and says that she loves you very much.

for sponsoring me, and I know that all the kids are blessed by you are very happy. May God bless you.

The girl K says that she is grateful to God and you, she cares about you and she loves you.

I hope that you will be successful in serving the Lord through helping the children like me.

It is surprising to know that you support many children. Is there any child special for you? I thank God for giving you the desire to help and serve others.

I am so grateful to Mr David Chalmers, who is so kind, giving me attention and love. Please always remember me and pray for me, although we are far apart. I believe that I always be close to your heart.

I like to hear from you because you are very kind, and I know that our God will not forget of you and for that reason I encourage you to do well with respect in your job.

Hello dear sponsor, how are you doing? I am very pretty and smiley, everything has gone well here. I want to tell you that I love you very much and I thank you for all the things you have done for my family and for me.

A wants the Lord Jesus Christ to bless your life! The child says he is happy to be in touch with you and tell you that he is very proud of you and know how much God loves him. He thanks you for the support that you give him and he always prays for you and your family. He made a drawing for you and hopes you like it.

I am so thankful for introducing me to my fellow children and for taking me as your child. I thank God for making you the way to lead little children and teaching them through the word of God, so that we may grow spiritual, physically, getting knowledge and growing our faith.

Be blessed so much. Congratulations for a good work of sponsoring. God will give you another child to sponsor.

I am so happy to know about our Compassion family. Please convey my greeting to all my friends. I showed photos to my friends in our project. I am so lucky that you are my great sponsor.

I thank you so much for sponsoring me. I am so lucky and pleased to be your loving child. God has given great blessings.

He feels so happy about Richmond Wandera and Michelle who have gone through Compassion's Leadership Development program and how God is using them to touch the lives of people in their countries. He feels so much motivated and hope that some day he will also go through the LDP.

We thank you for your love and decision to sponsor her. Your contribution was essential so that the word of God was planted in her heart and she received all our benefits what is a privilege that just a few have because they live in a dangerous and poor community with the risk of floods, gangs, prostitution and drug sales, and many children get involved in these practices and die. Your love gave her eternal moral and ethic values very important for her life. May God reward you.

Her family change positively their circumstances and this child doesn’t need Compassion’s assistance any more. We thank all your love to sponsor a poor child that needed your support. Your contribution was very important to her because here she could receive many benefits. Her community is dangerous and poor. It’s a place with risk having floods, there are many gangs, drugs, prostitution and many children involved pass away. We know that all values will be so precious for her life. May the Lord reward you in double.

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