Monday, February 22, 2016

Compassion Letter Writing #1: The True Impact of Letters

I have come to the understanding that the letters we write to our sponsored kids are more important, treasured, cherished and valued than we will ever understand. Compassion sponsorship is about relationship, and the letters are the way that we get to know each other. It's not meant to be a chore. We are able to speak words of Life, Hope, Encouragement and Love into these little souls who desperately need to hear that someone loves and believes in them.

Bottom line: If sponsorship is more than a "good deed"; if you want to develop your connection and relationship with your sponsored child, you need to write regularly. Write about your family, job, hopes and dreams, send Bible verses, send pictures and photos. They love it all!

Our letters bring them joy for the present, hope for the future and make them feel loved. Here's proof:

All of us especially my parents are very happy about your letters. I am very glad that you always remember us.

I am so grateful for your letters. They have been a great blessing to my life.

I always wait for your letters anxiously and I thank God in my prayers for sending me someone like you.

She thanks you for your kind words to her and her family, you really encourage her.

She had joy to receive your letter and she has it well kept. She says that she admires your pictures.

When I see your photo or I read your letters I imagine that I am seeing you in person

I look forward to receive other letter from you, they make me very well, it is a way to have you closer to me.

Thank you for your love for me and for the letters and I keep them with love.

I get happy when I receive letters from you, and I know that you like me very much. I like to receive pictures of you, your nieces and nephews are pretty, actually all your family is pretty, I love to see all your students, they are very beautiful.

Thank you very much for all the beautiful pictures you sent me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I like when you tell me what you do with your students. I feel like you’re giving me the letter personally because I feel close to you when you write me and send me pictures of your students and you.

Every time I write to you I get courage to go on.

Thank you for the letters you have sent to me and for the time you dedicate to write to me. When I read the letters you send me I am so happy to know more about you and I know every day you enjoy lots of things with your family, students and friends and other sponsors.

I have the honor of having a sponsor like you; you are one of my best examples to follow because it is wonderful to read the letters you sent to me. It is as if I were close to you; When I write letters to you I get inspired because I imagine you with me. I don’t know how, but it is like magic writing these words because I do not say them, my heart says them, and with lots of love.

I am so happy because you wrote me again, even if it was long to read.

Thank you because even your so busy but you spent your time to write to her. Thank you very much because you treat C as your daughter and she said she is so happy for that and every time you mention in your letter that she is special to you.

Thanks for the beautiful letters and photos, I keep them with love and I read them from time to time. I love when you write because the verses you give to me are a blessing.

I greet you with a lot of blessings, I am happy to write to you again, your letter fill me with happiness.

I also like to get your letters. It’s nice to know that you care for me. I like your letters and pictures.

The question that you wrote to me says did you know that words can hurt or cure any people? I didn’t know, but thanks to you I know it. Thank you very much.

M was very happy to receive your letter. She was very much glad to you and God. Also that you have remember her. After receiving your letter she was full of joy. Thanks to you for your lovely letter and also she is very excited and she was very happy to see the special photos of your family and your class.

L feels very secure now, especially when she heard father’s words in your letter, you words are hopeful.

Father, L feels very happy and joy because you are diligent to send letters for her regularly.

God bless you, I’m happy for receiving a letter from you again. Your words are really beautiful, thanks for your support.

My family is well. We are better with your letter.

Thanks! You are great and I love you very much, the words that you write me are a blessing for my life and strengthen my spirit and esteem.

Thank you so much for the letter and beautiful pictures you sent me. When I read your letter, my self-esteem was strengthened, and I was able to see life in a different way. Thank you so much for giving me advice. It’s very important to me.

What a thrill to get your letters and nice pictures with your friends. Thank you for writing me and sending me the beautiful poster. I enjoyed to read them a lot.

Thank you for everything, thank you for everything, thank you for the letters and the care you have given to me and my family.

Thank you for your letter full of love. You are beautiful and your baby’s cute. I like him very much.

It’s always a joy for me to write you a letter. Your letters make me very happy. I like especially of the pictures. Our love for you is very beautiful.

Thank you very much for the letter and the picture. When I look at the picture you enclose with the letter, I see the love of God and all special people in the picture. I’m very happy.

I’m so glad to receive your picture. Your picture makes my family happy.

K is grateful for the lovely letter you sent him. He tells you that he was really happy to read it and knows how much you love and care for him. He adds that the official school class photo was really pretty and hanged it in his mothers bedroom where he will always see it and remember how much you care for him.

I am happy to read your letter. Your words are encouraging. May God bless you.

It's lovely to read your letters and it touches his heart and all he says was "Oh what a lovely sponsor that he has."

Thank you always for your words of encouragement, says your child.

B thank you for your words and encouragement shown to him all the time. He really feel at home and appreciate your support. At first child has been going to school late and nowadays he is the first person to step the school compound.

B has received all the letters you have been writing to him, but there are some few children in the project who do not receive letters quite often from their sponsors and it makes them feel sad at times.

Your letter brought me so much joy. Thank you so much for the photos and especially for the verses.

It is a delight to receive your letter. Thanks for the verses, your prayers and love. I hope that the school children are fine.

Thank you for your letters, they are a great help for me during my sad moments.

The last letter I read from you was very fantastic.

I always like reading your letters. I keep them in a very special place.

I was glad to get your letter. I’m respectful to you. When I was reading your letter I would know how much you love me. I also love you.

Thank you for all the letters because I have learned a lot.

I am happy receiving your letter, and writing this letter because sharing of events happening in his life is the way of appreciating his efforts and doing something like what you did. He enjoy watching photos of your cute nephews.

I am very happy to read your letter and look to your picture when you were a child. You are so very cute in the pictures. Your girl friends were so beautiful, when you was young your face is so glad and so nice! I thank God that you were my sponsor. Thank you for the letters you’ve given to me and the letters was really nice and thank that you included your pictures way back when you was young.

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  1. I love the quotes!! Letters are such a tangible way for us to show our love in a long distance relationship. One of our kids recently sent a letter saying he thought we'd forgotten him because he hadn't heard from us, but then he received a pile of letters and knew we still loved him. Poor guy! I think with all the changes in the system the letters got backed up. But that note really struck a chord with me on the significance of our letters to our kids. Thanks for sharing what your kids have said.