Monday, March 9, 2015

Celebrating International Women's Day - Girls of Compassion

Through my involvement with Compassion International I've been a financial and correspondent sponsor to 60 children of all ages, from 26 countries, both boys and girls. The majority of the visits I've done, to South and Central America, have been to the girls. No particular reason; it's just the way it's worked out. 

In many of the countries Compassion works in, females are still treated as inferior and second-class citizens, which I could tell by their demeanor in some of my interactions with them. This is why I consider it incredibly important to speak words of Love, Life and Hope into their lives through regular letters and visits. They need to know that they are worthy and valuable, and God has created them with a purpose.

I'm not particularly "feminist" or political about it, but I thought I'd commemorate International Women's Day with a few photos of the girls and young women I've been privileged to care for as a sponsor, families, as well as Project workers and now-grown-up Compassion graduates I've been able to meet.

To learn more about the stories of these girls, would you consider buying my book "Go Into All The World"? Click on the links to the right for more information.

Sehila (Bolivia)
Ana Alice (Brazil)

Pamella (Brazil)

Larissa (6), Alynne, Monalisa (both graduated) - Brazil

Cristina (Peru)

Laura (Colombia)

Clovencia (Haiti)

Carolina (graduated) (DR)

Ana Cristina (Brazil)
Kelle (Nicaragua)
Mayra (Guatemala)
Alice (Brazil)
Princess Joy (Philippines)
Taina (Brazil)
Jacqueline (Ecuador)
Josefa (Guatemala)
Olga (Mexico)
Allison (Mexico)
Katherine (El Salvador)
Jessica (Brazil)
Alynne (Brazil)
Daila (Colombia)
Larissa (Brazil)
Rosa (El Salvador)
Julissa with her niece (Nicaragua)
Monalisa (Brazil)
Erika (Brazil, visited on behalf of another sponsor)

Monalisa with mother and sister

Yeymi (Guatemala) and four generations of her family
Cashofia (Philippines) with mother, sister and Project worker
Jessica with mother and sister
Allison with her mother and two sisters
Jacqueline with her mother, three sisters and nieces
Alice with her mother and grandmother

At Rosa's (ES) Project with her classmates in the cosmetology course
Brazil teenagers
In Mexico
With Mums and bubs in the Philippines

With Compassion staff Marta, Nathalia and Isabela in Brazil
With Compassion staff in El Salvador
With Compassion graduates Rafonzel and Michelle, and former Project worker Maricel (Philippines)
With Compassion graduate Angie (Philippines)
With Compassion graduate Debora (Brazil)

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