Friday, January 9, 2015

Man On A Mission Writes Book To Encourage Others (transcribed newspaper article)

I spent a few days over the New Year period staying in a little town called Portland in south-west Victoria, where I lived and worked in 2008, 2009 and 2012.

Last Sunday I held a book launch for my Compassion book "Go Into All The World." I did publicize it but it only ended up being a small gathering, with lots of people away and many others choosing instead to enjoy a day in the sunshine (can't compete with that). I also didn't have any actual books with me to sell, due to a communication mix-up with the publisher and the printers.

The positive to come out of it was I had the opportunity to sit down with a friend who is a journalist with the town's local newspaper, the Portland Observer, and tell him a little about my Compassion journey and about the book.

The article was published in today's edition of the newspaper.

There were a few small errors, however I am happy with the content and exposure of the article. I have transcribed the text below, error-free.

Man On A Mission Writes Book To Encourage Others
Portland Observer, Friday January 9th, 2015

Travelling overseas to an unknown location can be daunting at the best of times; however, travelling to some of the more impoverished, crime ridden areas of South America can exacerbate those feelings of trepidation.

For David Chalmers, the poverty or crime rates did nothing to deter him from visiting his sponsored children.

A sponsor with Compassion International, a Christian child sponsorship organization which provides aid to more than 1.4 million children, Mr Chalmers took the plunge.

Six years and 12 countries later he has put together his thoughts and writings into a book - Go Into All The World - One Man's Journey With God and Compassion International.

In 2006 Mr Chalmers began sponsoring a number of children with Compassion and was invited to visit the children and their families so that he could see where his money was being spent. "This all spawned from my worldview that God wants me to help others," said Mr Chalmers. "That's my motivation. My first visit was in 2009...I became hooked."

Mr Chalmers would work as a teacher during the school term, including in Portland at St John's Lutheran Primary School, then visit families during school holidays. In September 2009 he visited Sehila (Bolivia), Daila (Colombia) and Rosa (El Salvador).

"I have visited 12 countries in my time and was encouraged to write a book by a number of friends," added Mr Chalmers. "I wrote about the work of Compassion and their effectiveness. From what I have witnessed, kids from poverty are growing up to become doctors, teachers and even government leaders....I believe people want to help, whether they are Christian or not, they want to help others."

Last Sunday a small but supportive crowd gathered at Portland's South West Community Church to hear the journeyman talk about his work with Compassion as part of his unofficial book launch; the official launch will take place in Werribee in February.

"The book contains stories about my involvement (with Compassion). It's not an easy read, as the stories contain to contrasting moods: home visits versus project visits. The home visits are very confronting because of the poverty, family disintegration and violence, but when I write about the Project visits, there's a sense of hope. I hope that people are challenged, encouraged and inspired from this book."

Copies can be bought direct from Mr Chalmers via his blog ( or through Abundant Life bookstore in Portland.

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