Saturday, October 4, 2014

Visiting Princess Joy in Maydolong, October 2014 (pictures)

On Wednesday October 1st, 2014 (my 33rd birthday!) I visited 14-year-old Princess Joy and her family on behalf of her sponsor Dani Moore. I sponsored her from 2011 to the end of 2013.

To read about our day in more detail, please click here.

Please enjoy these pictures of our day together.

Enjoying her favourite food, spaghetti

Holding a photo of her sponsor Dani

Holding her child folder. This comprehensive record has detailed information about all aspects of each sponsored child's life: education, medical, letters and gifts, dreams for the future.

With Mama and the four youngest kids (there are three older brothers)

The Project - PH862

Supermarket shopping thanks to a monetary gift from Dani. They had only ever been able to window-shop at this mall.

The three youngest kids. That platform is where they sleep.

I made the decision to give Princess my treasured teddy bear which I'd had since I was born. It was to show her how valuable she is to me, and to God. I know with her three younger siblings, Yellow Ted will be well looked after.

The family makes money by getting the stuff out of coconuts, called copra, and selling it. So here I was actually drinking their livelihood. I accepted their sacrificial gift with gratitude, and it was delicious.

I bought Princess her very first cellphone! (with Mama's permission of course). I may be naïve, but I'm going to trust that it doesn't interfere with her studies or relationships

Her classroom at the Project.

With her three older brothers. Two of them pump gas at the local Petron gas station, and one of them works in construction

Her father chopping up a coconut

Being wacky with Yellow Ted

I gave Princess the choice of going to a swimming pool or the beach, and she chose the beach. It was such a simple time. We talked and let the waves wash over our feet, but she said it was her favourite part of the day. 

When Compassion kids turn 12, they all complete a Project called "My Plan For Tomorrow." This is where they think about their future goals and dreams, and Compassion helps them achieve. Princess wants to be a teacher.  

This is Princess's youngest brother. He came with us to Borongan, and was shy and overwhelmed out of his brain! Mama even had to feed him at lunchtime and he wouldn't open his mouth. Fortunately by the end of the day when it was time for ice cream, he started to relax

The farm house where they live and work

Princess's oldest brother with his three year old son

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