Saturday, October 4, 2014

Visiting John Dave in Canlaon City, September 2014 (pictures)

On Monday September 29th, 2014 I visited 9-year-old John Dave and his family on behalf of his sponsors, my parents. I sponsored him from 2011 to the end of 2013.

To read more about the day in detail, please click here

Please enjoy these pictures of our day together

We popped into the tourism office, where I was invited to try on this mask

With the whole family. His Dad normally works every day as a bodyguard for the mayor, but took the day off to spend it with me.

The Century Tree, a 400-year-old monstrosity!

At Compassion Project PH813

Their bath/shower

The Project has been operating for 24 years (!) and has 373 registered children, as well as 41 mothers and babies in the Child Survival Program  

John Dave's classroom at the Project

Their house

They were a happy, friendly, contented family. I felt very welcomed and we had some enjoyable conversations

This family photo sits in their living room. It may need to be updated, since there are now five nieces and nephews, not three

The house

Child Survival Program

John Dave with the latest letter from my parents. They know how I feel about letter writing, so it's good to see them doing it regularly.

I was able to take the family shopping - groceries for mum and gifts for the kids. I gave the kids the equivalent of about $10 each, but it was clear from their reaction that they probably hadn't been entrusted with that sort of money before. Very humbling. 

John Dave's folder, with the many letters we have exchanged.

The family's living room

The four kids all share one bedroom

Enjoying a delicious lunch.

The Project office

John Dave the drummer boy! He's learning as part of Project activities, was pretty good for a nine-year-old. 

Comprehensive child records, kept under lock and key.

These guys were possibly the friendliest group of people I've ever met. They followed us everywhere during the day on a convoy of motorbikes, and I felt so welcomed and comfortable being with them. The kids at this Project are in good hands.

These Project workers are all former sponsored kids, including the Project Director Crystal (left)

It might seem a bit weird taking a picture of a toilet, but not all my sponsored kids have had one in their house, so it's always good to see.

The three older kids all bought shoes with their gift money...

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