Saturday, October 4, 2014

Visiting Cashofia in Davao, September 2014 (pictures)

On Saturday September 27, 2014, I visited 9-year-old Cashofia and her family on behalf of her sponsors Paul and Clarisse McGregor. I sponsored her from 2011 to the end of 2013.

To read more about the day in detail, please click here
Please enjoy these photos of our day together (apologies for the random order, Blogspot just plonked them anywhere!)

In Cashofia's classroom

Their living room

The child records at Compassion Project PH521

Cashofia's folder

Supermarket shopping FOR THE FIRST TIME! Amazing experience

With the Project Director, Pastor and president of the Project committee

Having fun at a games arcade

Cashofia in her school classroom

Kids at the Project

In their house. They have no curtains or windows, so when it rains they get very wet.

The neighbourhood

The stack of letters we exchanged over the three years I sponsored her. I write once a month, often two pages and photos.

Cely is Cashofia's caseworker, and is a former sponsored child herself! I love stories like that :)

This is the river they live next to, thus why their house is elevated a couple of metres off the ground

Thanks to the McGregor's monetary gift we were able to go shopping.

The family's achievements displayed on the wall of their home

Posing at the checkout :)

The house

The house, up nice and high to avoid flooding

Climbing the ladder to their house

With the Project staff, a friendly, generous bunch of people who made me feel very welcome

Ah, simple pleasures :)

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