Sunday, March 9, 2014

Letter Day at PH268

I have written many times about letter writing and how important it is for Compassion sponsored kids to hear from their sponsors regularly. Words are powerful, and it is with letters that we can help break the lies of poverty that tell a child they are worthless, hopeless and things will never change.

Today at PH268 I was able to witness Letter Day. This is the day the kids at the Compassion Projects receive letters from their sponsors and write back to them.

The experience was happy in some ways, but also sad. I saw more than one example today of a girl looking at and studying her letter lovingly, and a boy would come along, snatch it and play keepings off. This is because they know that a letter from their sponsor has such value (and they just want to be annoying).
I asked to take photos of kids with their letters and unfortunately a couple of the classes only had two or three kids receive letters.

Please, sponsors: "BUSYNESS" IS NO EXCUSE not to tap out a few lines once a month to let a child know they are special and valued.


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  1. I had wondered what a "letter day" looked like. Thanks for sharing and encouraging a "good letter day". Susan