Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Compassion Philippines Trip in Pictures

 Meeting new friends at the Child Survival Program of PH954, Tagbilaran, Bohol

 An interesting interaction. The girl fiddled with the sleeping boys shoe for about a minute. I turned around again and it was gone!
 First home visit.
 Bamboo floor. I certainly treaded carefully...

 This courageous father gave his testimony at the church 
 This mum is one of the beneficiaries of the Child Survival Program. So much joy... 

 I've heard people say that sponsor kids are not real and some trickster sits in an office and makes up letters. Here's your proof: Sponsor kids are real, and they sure do write you letters :)

 The generosity and hospitality we received all week was incredible :)
 The poor may be poor, but they display the same love for and pride in their kids as we do.

Such joy and hope was evident in every Compassion Project we visited...

More home visits...

The "must-see" attraction of Bohol - the Chocolate Hills 
This is a recycled cereal-box bag made by one of the mums at the Child Survival Program. They are taught income-generating skills as well as having their medical, nutritional and hygiene needs taken care of. The team was more than happy to purchse some bags to bring back, and contributed $150 for the Project. 
This is a champ: Cromwell works for Compassion. He is the Partnership Faciliator for the region we were in, and accompnied us all week. He oversees the churches and Projects, making sure everything is done just right.
Some of the amazing staff at the Compassion office. The fella second from left went from former sponsored child, to LDP graduate, to Pastor, to Project Director, and now he's in the Office. I love stories like that :) 
We were able to have dinner with six students of the Leadership Development Program. After sponsored kids graduate from high school, they have the opportunity to be sponsored through college. There is a very stringent selection process. Since the ultimate aim is to raise up Christian leaders, the applicants have to be professing Christians, have outstanding grades and show definite leadership potential. The kids we met on this night were nothing short of magnificent and inspiring as they shared some of their stories with us. This is 17-year-old Angie. She is the youngest of four kids, and was the only one sponsored in her family. She is currently studying accounting, and leading a Bible study group for ten girls aged 13-15 years old. She is truly a shining light and an example for these girls to look up to. Her Dad died when she was 3, and her mum is actually a Compassion Project worker. Her sister has a baby and hopes to be registered in the Child Survival Program. God is so clearly moving in Angie’s life, and it was such a privilege to able to pray with and for her at the end of the night.

These are my three sponsored kids: Cashofia (7), John Dave (8), Princess Joy (12)

The whole crew. Each child came with a parent and a Project worker. I had the biggest group
Enjoying a sundae at Jollibee's

Our last day was spent visiting an urban Project PH208 in Manila. These guys loved the footy :)
All sponsors, kids, parents, Project workers

Making a friend at the Child Survival Program. I struggled connecting and making conversations with mums and bubs from a different culture, but it was good when I got over myself and just started talking. She was a cheeky delight of a woman :) 
The intelligent (above) faces of the team and the LDP students we were privileged to meet

I was able to use my summer camp and music teaching experience to engage the team and the kids with some fun songs  

The footy was a big hit...

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