Monday, October 1, 2012

Brazil visit - Compassion Project BR-458 Projeto Sementinhas (Little Seeds Project)

My first visit was to BR-458, which is just outside Fortaleza. It has been operating for about 5 years, so is relatively new. My first Brazil girl was Ana Cristina, and then Jessica and Christian soon followed. I will share more about them later, but the girls were very shy and reserved for most of the day. I really wanted to visit Ana Cristina's home, as she is quite special to me. Unfortunately she lives in a different area. For our story, click here. The project staff did take some time to tell me more about her family situation, which is not good at the moment. Here's a brief look at my day at BR-458 Projeto Sementinhas (Little Seeds Project)

Christian (8), Jessica (8), Ana Cristina (12). On the very left is Jessica's sister Gisele, who is 10 and is also sponsored.

These kids love to sing and dance. I also taught them a couple of songs I learned  when I was a camp counselor in Indiana in 2004. They were mainly action songs because it got a bit tricky with the language barrier.

Their main play area is a construction zone! The new church is being built here. Fortunately Pastor Josue lives across the road and has a fairly big area that they can play in.

One of my favourite pics :)

A glimpse of the neighbourhood these kids live in

Just for a laugh I thought I'd take an Australian football along and see what they thought. They LOVED it! (especially my boy Christian). We were playing a bit of kick-to-kick and I even had to encourage them to go back to their soccer game.

Standard Brazilian lunch of rice and beans

Quick farewell photo before some of them left. They were a really engaging, fun and curious group of kids, many of whom are sponsored by Australians.

This s Erica, who is sponsored by Jennifer N, from the OurCompassion website. She sent me some gifts to take over for Erica, and I got her some photos and a video of Erica opening her gifts. I was in a similar situation last year, when someone visited this same Project, met one of my kids and sent me some pics and video. It was good to be able to share this joy.

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