Sunday, September 30, 2012

Brazil - pics of BR-329

Hi! I'm still getting my brain in order processing what I've seen and done in my visits to my Compassion kids in Brazil the last three days, much of which is beyond words, to be honest. In the meantime, here are some pics to give you an idea of what I've experienced:

4 y.o. Larissa. She warmed up to me about a minute before she had to leave. Hopefully the start of a special sponsorship

The church of BR-329. This pic is stuff to sell to raise money to send a missionary to Senegal. I  LOVE that! They're sending a missionary from the barrios of Brazil to Senegal!

Larissa at gift-giving time! I gave each child a large soft toy lamb and a necklace (soccer ball for Christian).  The siblings received a small clip-on Koala and an Australian postcard. The family received an Australia-themed clock and a small Australian flag.

Larissa enjoyed playing with the Australian football.

Pure gold!! This was just before she had to leave, but it was good to get a smiley photo.
This is Monalisa my oldest (18 yrs) but newest sponsor child. I have only sponsored her for 4 months and she is about to graduate from the sponsorship program. I don't remember being impacted by a person like I was when I met her yesterday - beautiful, intelligent and humble. She has dreams to be a vet, and is applying to become a Leadership Development Program (LDP) student with Compassion. With God's help I have no doubt she can do it. The scientific calculator is thanks to my friend Steve.
X-ray of Monalisa's broken leg, which she did falling down the stairs three weeks ago.
Monalisa and family
With Nathalia, who is a Program Facilitator for the area. She was at all three of my Project visits
BR-329 runs a nursery for 2-4 year olds on a separate property nearby. This is where Larissa spends most of her time

The staff of BR-329 have huge dreams and vision for their Centre. They serve 680 children and they currently have some massive renovations going on. They want to have all their programs and activities on the one property. 

With 17 y.o. Alynne. She is in 10th grade and wants to be a lawyer. She is about to depart the program because she and her mother have both recently got jobs, and their circumstances have improved sufficiently that they no longer need Compassion's assistance.

With a group of teenagers from the Project BR-329
Interesting snack, made by one of the mothers at the Project - banana wrapped in ham and cheese, then cooked in the oven for 20 minutes...

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