Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Journey of the Heart

In September 2009 I took the journey of a lifetime. I left my nice little safe, secure, comfortable Western world existence to visit three South American countries in the space of six days, out of my own pocket, and with minimal knowledge of Spanish, to visit three young people I'd never met before.

With the journey beginning the week before to immerse myself in New York and visit friends in New Jersey, the stats from my trip are staggering: 15 days, 15 flights, 10 airports, 69 hours in the air, 2 missed international flights & 13 hours of delays, 5 countries, thousands of $$$.

What would possess any sane, right-minded person to put themselves through this? One word: Compassion (both the quality and the organisation).

My involvement with the incredible holistic child-development organisation Compassion International started in 2006. And I am an unashamed Advocate/Supporter/Cheerleader and Warrior for the work that they do. After being immersed first-hand in the work that Compassion does to help "change the world...one child at a time", I know it is too simplistic to simply label it a "sponsorship organisation", because they do so much more than that.

Working with Compassion, I currently provide for (once again, "sponsor" is too simplistic) seven children and their families: Daila (Colombia), Sehila (Bolivia), Rosa (El Salvador), Kennedy (Kenya), Tegawende (Burkina Faso), Jean (Burkina Faso) and Jacqueline (Ecuador).

So, my mission on this "trip of a lifetime" was to travel to Bolivia, Colombia and El Salvador to visit my girls Sehila, Daila and Rosa. After all, I am in "relationship" with them, and we all know that our most meaningful relationships are with those we interact with face-to-face. I wanted the girls and their families to know that I really care about them, God cares about them, and I wasn't just some "face on a piece of paper", as it is so easy to think of the kids we sponsor.

Got heaps going on in the head, so TO BE CONTINUED...

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